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Psychological Assessment Services (for individuals 18 years and over)

Such assessments are often conducted through the request of the specific individual, through referral sources such as automobile and disability insurers, WSIB or personal injury lawyers.  Assessments can help to diagnose, provide treatment goals, comment on strengths and weaknesses to guide in rehabilitation endeavours, and to comment on disability/impairment that impacts on an individual's activities of daily living.


Psychological Assessments:

The focus on this type of assessment is on an individual’s mood and personality functioning, and often is conducted as a means to evaluate a clinical diagnosis, if any, along with providing further treatment recommendations. 

Psychovocational Assessment:

These assessments focus on evaluating a client’s vocational potential by assessing intellectual ability, functional academic levels, aptitudes, vocational interests, and psychological/personality functioning.  The purpose of such reports is often for an individual examining a career change and/or career planning that may have been precipitated by psychological impairment and physical injuries that have impacted on their current occupational or competitive potential.


Neuropsychological Assessment:

Clinical neuropsychological assessments examine the relationship of brain-behaviour, and knowledge of the interplay among neurological, psychological and behavioural factors. The objective of this assessment is to evaluate the presence or absence of the cognitive consequences of brain damage, brain disease, and mental illness.

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